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With us you can discover the price of 1, 2 carat, or even bigger, diamond . We are offering only diamonds with GIA certificates.
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Why to buy diamonds?

  • Diamonds have unique physical value
  • Diamonds have high monetary value
  • Diamonds are forever as well as your love
  • Diamonds for investment
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How to choose the diamond?

According to the research of the best lab with the strictest rules for the diamond evaluation is Gemological Institute of America (GIA), which was the first lab provided the strict criteria for diamond evaluation called 4Cs:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat weight
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How to prove the diamonds’ characteristics:

  • Engravings on the girdle
  • Certificate laboratory prove
  • Diamond Moissanite check tool
  • Diamond weight
  • Fluorescence
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Design your own engagement ring with the diamonds you like

  • Describe us the design you’d like to have.
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  • Choose the diamond from "Diamond catalogue"
  • Choose the materials.
  • Confirm your choice.
  • Pick up the ring on the agreed date.
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Diamonds for investment

  • Inflation free investment- only 5 companies control 90% of the mines. The diamond supply is limited and regulated by them to make the permanent growth of the price.
  • Scarcity of high and pure stones- the biggest mines are discovered and their capacities are close to the exhaustion.
  • You can sell the stones on the online exchange without paying to the broker.
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